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my wonderful friend bex took some pics of my gig at their flat last saturday night in newtown. i especially like the top one x

(credit to bex)


I’m saving up to get this recorded/mixed/mastered/printed professionally, but here’s my album in its organic form. Recorded at home on a freezing friday afternoon, on a Snowball Blue mic and a Johnson JD26 acoustic. All songs written and performed by Oscar Doorne. This album is dedicated to my mother, and several of the songs are written about her. Rest in peace, mum xx

I hope you enjoy the songs, thank you for listening and supporting x (available on soundcloud too, yay)

Listen/purchase: Cruel World by Oscar Doorne

here’s a home-recording of my new album ‘Cruel World’. It’s available to stream and download now, please leave a donation when you download as i’m saving up to get this album professionally recorded and released!!

Thank you to everyone who has helped me through these last few horrible months. This is for you xx

Listen/purchase: i don’t want, i don’t care by Oscar Doorne


I was feeling sad so I wrote a new song that I’m rather happy with. It’s called I Don’t Care If I Forget You and I hope you like it x

have a listen to the demo of I Don’t Care If I Forget You x

ch-ch-check it out. new songs out tomorrow.


this is going to be the first song off my new EP, it’s called Bad Blood and i hope u like it

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this is track 2 and it’s called losing my mind and it’s about my mother and her cancer and generally feeling shit about a lot of things idk

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this is called I Don’t Want to Bother You and it’s going to be track 3 on my new EP and yeah i hope u like this also

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this is the most recent song i’ve written for my new EP and it’s called Pathetic Heart. it’s still a one take, completely off-the-cuff demo that i recorded when i was angry at myself and the world and i’ve decided to keep it. i’m fleshing it out a bit now.

that concludes the new stuff written for my new EP. there’s a last song called Imaginary Girl but i haven’t recorded any demos of it yet x

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